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What are the types of PET bottle molding?

Release time: 2021-03-09

Source: Taizhou Pubo Plastic Mould Co., Ltd.

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What are the types of PET bottle molding?
Generally speaking, there are two types of PET bottle molding methods, "direct blow molding method" and "extended blow molding method". Let's take a closer look at the two types of PET bottle molding.

Direct blow molding method: This method is to inject the molten preform on the same machine (usually called Injection Stretch Blow Molding), and then stretch blow molding in the hollow mold. Since the molding of the preform and the stretch blow molding are performed in the same machine, it is called "One Step". In addition, this method uses the heat retained in the preform to stretch and blow when the preform is not yet cooled, so it is also called the "hot preform method."
PET bottle molding
Stretch blow molding method: In this method, the preform is first injected with an injection machine, and then the cooled preform is heated by a stretch blow molding machine, and stretch blow molding is performed in a hollow mold. Because this method has undergone secondary processing by an injection machine and a stretch-blow machine, it is called the "two stage molding method". And this method is to heat the preform after cooling, and then perform the heating extension blowing, so it is also called the "cold preform method". The processing flow is as follows: PET raw material is dehumidified and dried -> the molten raw material is injected into the mold with the injection machine -> the PET preform is cooled and molded -> the stretch blow molding machine (Stretch Blow Molding) is used for biaxial extension blow molding. Note: The so-called "biaxial extension" refers to the longitudinal extension with the extension rod and the horizontal extension with the high-pressure air.

Application of the two: Generally speaking, the one-stage method is more suitable for the production of small quantities and multiple specifications, and the two-stage method is suitable for the production of large quantities and fewer specifications. As a supplier and manufacturer of preform molds, Taizhou Pubo provides the best quality PET preform molds. If you are interested in our products, you can contact us.

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