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Structure and working principle of automatic bottle blowing machine

Release time: 2021-02-20

Source: Taizhou Pubo Plastic Mould Co., Ltd.

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Structure and working principle of automatic bottle blowing machine
When we use a fully automatic bottle blowing machine, we first need to understand all aspects of the machine in detail to produce high-quality plastic products. Let me introduce the structure and working principle of automatic blow molding machine.
bottle blowing machine structure
1. Clamping part
It is replaced by a positioning rack for balanced positioning, three templates in the front, middle and rear, a double crank arm linkage mechanism, and a mold clamping cylinder. The cylinder is driven by the electromagnetic directional control valve to drive the crank arm to open and close the mold. The structure is reasonable in design, stable in operation and large in clamping force.

2. Stretch the blowing part
It is composed of a stretch solenoid valve, a high-pressure blowing valve, a pull-body sealing cylinder, a movable sealing seat, and a blowing air reservoir. When working, the piston of the stretching cylinder is pushed through the directional control valve to drive the stretching rod and the sealing cylinder to push up on the preform that has been closed. The sealing cylinder seals the mouth of the preform, and the stretching rod is elastic when it has been heated. The preform is stretched longitudinally. In addition, the gas stored in the gas cylinder is replaced by a high-pressure blowing valve through the sealing cylinder to blow the preform under high pressure and then form it by high-pressure inflation.

3. The heating chain plate passes through the first station of the stepping cylinder, and is changed to the photoelectric switch to detect and position, and then the product is blown by the molding mechanism. The stepping cylinder pushes the first station to detect and position, and continuous production is repeated.

4. The self-rotating chain is driven by the motor to continuously work, so that the preforms in the drying tunnel are quickly and evenly heated.

5. The preform is conveyed and sorted through the feeding system, and the preform is installed on the bottle blowing machine base by the blank conveying manipulator and enters the drying tunnel

6. The heating consists of two sets of fairly independent far-infrared lamp ovens. Each far-infrared lamp of each oven can be adjusted longitudinally according to different preforms.

7. When the preform is heated, the bottle mouth is cooled while the preform rotates to make it evenly heated, and the fan blows hot air to the preform again, so that the inner and outer walls of the preform are evenly heated.

8. After the preform enters the blowing mold, the pre-blowing air enters to stretch the blown preform in a circular direction; when the stretching rod reaches the top of the mold, high-pressure air enters the cavity to further stretch the preform and make the bottle wall Close to the mold wall.

9. The high-pressure gas is kept in the mold for a certain period of time, on the other hand, the internal pressure caused by the stretching of the preform is eliminated. At the same time, make the bottle wall close to the mold wall to improve the crystallinity of the bottle body plastic.

10. After the high-pressure gas is over, the venting and demolding will begin.

11. The blowing process is over.

12. The bottle is conveyed to the bottle-loading station through the chain plate, and the bottle-loading cylinder is used to pick it up, and again it is blown out by the airflow.

As a supplier and manufacturer of fully automatic bottle blowing machines, Taizhou Pubo is familiar with the structure and working principle of the machine. If you want to know more about the details of the automatic blow molding machine, please contact us.

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