What is the difference between an injection mold and a hand model


What is the difference between an injection mold and a […]

What is the difference between an injection mold and a hand model?

The hand board is usually made of plastic or metal on the engraving machine or in the form of 3D printing or multi-mode, making several samples or small batch production. The mold opening refers to the first processing of the mold, and then the injection molding of the mass production of the product. Generally, the customer will confirm the hand plate first, and then open the mold for mass production after confirmation.

Shouban is a sample of the product. When your design drawings come out, the finished product can't be perfect or even can't be used. Direct production will be scrapped once it is defective, which will waste manpower and material resources and time. , the loss of manpower and material resources, quickly find out the lack of product design and improve, to provide sufficient basis for product stereotypes.

3D printing: The hand-made board is made by laser printing additive processing. The production cycle is very fast. Generally, it takes only half a day to complete the printing and polishing process. Now the metal materials such as stainless steel and aluminum alloy can be printed, and the printed surface of the hand board can be printed. Rough, but metal printing is expensive.

CNC machining: CNC machining is processing using CNC equipment such as engraving machine. It is the mainstream processing method in the hand board industry. The processing materials are not particularly limited. Basically, plastic, aluminum alloy sheet, foam, foam, etc. can be realized.