what is the combination of injection machine


A general-purpose injection machine mainly includes an […]

A general-purpose injection machine mainly includes an injection device, a mold clamping device, a hydraulic transmission system and an electrical control system. The main function of the injection device is to evenly plasticize the plastic and inject a certain amount of melt into the cavity of the mold with sufficient pressure and speed. The injection device is mainly composed of plasticized parts (composed of screw, barrel and nozzle) as well as hopper, transmission device, metering device, injection and moving oil cylinder, etc.

Mold clamping device:
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Its function is to realize the opening and closing of the mold, to ensure that the mold is closed tightly and to release the product during injection. , Mold adjustment device and product ejection device.

Hydraulic system and electrical control system:

Its role is to ensure that the injection machine works accurately and effectively according to the predetermined requirements (pressure, speed, temperature, time) and action sequence of the process. The hydraulic system of the injection machine is mainly composed of various hydraulic components and circuits and other auxiliary equipment. The electrical control system is mainly composed of various electrical appliances and instruments. The hydraulic system and the electrical system are organized together to provide power and realization for the injection machine. control