What is the assembly of the injection mold


What is the assembly of the injection mold? According t […]

What is the assembly of the injection mold?

According to the mold assembly drawings and technical requirements, the parts and standard parts of the finished mold are matched, positioned, and fastened according to a certain process sequence and technical requirements to make them a mold that meets the requirements of product production. Assemble the mold.

The quality of the injection mold is the key to ensuring the quality of plastic products, but the quality of the injection mold is guaranteed by the quality of the mold design and manufacturing. The general assembly of injection molds is actually a general inspection of mold manufacturing and processing. It can be seen that mold assembly is a manufacturing process stage that directly verifies the rationality of mold structure design and guarantees mold performance.

Mold assembly is a single-piece assembly production type with great process flexibility. The process of assembling mold parts into molds is done by a worker or a group of workers at a fixed location. Manual operation accounts for a large proportion of mold assembly, and the quality of a mold has a great relationship with the skill level and quality of the mold fitter team leader.

The assembled mold must guarantee the performance and life required by the design and contract. This is a comprehensive index. Although there are many influencing factors, it is mainly related to the skill level of mold assembly fitters. It not only requires rich practical experience and superb assembly skills, but also extensive professional knowledge.

A mold with a qualified assembly is not the same as a qualified mold. Strictly speaking, after a period of trial production to assess the rationality, correctness and reliability of the product's molding process and mold structure, no problems with the accuracy and quality of the product are found, and it can be called a truly qualified mold.