What are the parts of the two-color injection mold?


Two-color molds can make the appearance of products mor […]

Two-color molds can make the appearance of products more beautiful, easy to change colors without spraying, which makes it increasingly popular in the market. Two-color molds are injection moldings of two plastic materials on the same injection molding machine, and the product is molded twice, but the product is only ejected. One-time mold. Generally, this kind of molding process is also called two-shot injection, which is usually completed by a set of molds and requires a special two-color injection molding machine. What are the parts of the two-color injection mold? Here is an introduction for everyone.
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The injection mold is composed of several modules such as the guiding part, the cavity part, the positioning part, the pushing part, the cooling part, and the runner injection part.

1. Positioning part: There are many positioning mechanisms for injection molds. In order to make the movable and fixed molds close accurately and prevent the position of the movable and fixed molds from being misaligned, the positioning part is the movable and fixed molds to have a structure to prevent misalignment. .

2. Push-out part: During the mold opening process, a push-out mechanism is required to push out or pull out the plastic products and the aggregates in the runner. Push out the fixed plate and push plate to clamp the push rod. A reset rod is generally fixed in the push rod, and the reset rod resets the push plate when the moving and fixed molds are closed.

3. Cooling part: adjust the mold process temperature and consist of cooling system (cooling water hole, cooling water tank, copper pipe) or heating system.

4. Guiding part: In the structure of the injection mold, the guiding device needs to be guided by the movable and fixed mold, the core-pulling slider, the guide of the inclined guide column, the guide of the stripper, the guide of the inclined slider, etc.

5. Cavity part: The layout design template of standardized cavity includes various layout configurations. The layout design of each configuration has its own layout design parameter table of all geometric parameters. This standardized template is actually predetermined in the layout design stage of mold assembly design. This ensures that the required configuration can be quickly loaded into the mold assembly without the need to redesign the layout.

6. Runner injection part: refers to the plastic flow channel in the mold from the injection molding machine nozzle to the cavity. Ordinary pouring system is composed of main runner, runner, gate, cold slug, etc.