Two Main Types Of Injection Molds


There are main types of injection molds: Cold Runner an […]

There are main types of injection molds: Cold Runner and Hot Runner

A runner is the channel in the mold that conveys the plastic from the barrel of the injection molding machine to the part.

Cold runner: In a cold runner mold, the runner is cooled and ejected with the part. Every cycle, a part and a runner are produced. The obvious disadvantage of this system is the waste plastic generated. The runners are either disposed of, or reground and reprocessed with the original material. This adds a step in the mold manufacturing process. Also, regrind will increase variation in the injection molding process, and could decrease the plastic's mechanical properties.

Hot runner: In a hot runner mold, the runner is situated internally in the mold and kept a temperature above the melting point of the plastic. Runner scrap is reduced or eliminated. The major disadvantages of a hot runner is that it is much more expensive than a cold runner, it requires costly maintenance, and requires more skill to operate. Color changes with hot runner molds can be difficult, since it is virtually impossible to remove all of the plastic from an internal runner system.