To clarify the design requirements of plastic parts


To clarify the design requirements of plastic parts, ca […]

To clarify the design requirements of plastic parts, carefully read the parts drawing of plastic parts, consider the feasibility and economy of the injection molding process from the aspects of plastic varieties, plastic shape, dimensional accuracy, surface roughness, etc., if necessary, Product designers explore the possibilities for material types and structural modifications of plastic parts.

In small batch production, in order to reduce costs, the mold is as simple as possible; in mass production, under the premise of ensuring the quality of plastic parts, try to use multi-cavity or high-speed automatic production to shorten the production cycle and improve productivity. The extrusion mechanism of the mold, the automatic demoulding mechanism of the plastic parts and the flow channel aggregates are strictly required.

Calculating the volume and quality of the plastic part is to select the injection molding machine, improve the utilization rate of the equipment, and determine the number of mold cavities.

In addition, the selection of the injection molding machine, the structure of the mold is roughly determined according to the volume or weight of the plastic part, the model of the injection molding machine is initially determined, and the technical parameters related to the design of the injection molding machine and the design mold are known, such as the diameter of the positioning ring of the injection molding machine. , nozzle front end aperture and spherical radius, injection molding machine maximum injection volume, clamping force, injection pressure, fixed template and moving template area size and mounting screw hole position, injection molding machine rod spacing, closing thickness, mold opening stroke, ejection stroke Wait.