The structure of the plastic injection mold is determined by the type of injection


The structure of the plastic injection mold is determin […]

The structure of the plastic injection mold is determined by the type of injection molding machine and the structural characteristics of the plastic parts. Each pair of molds consists of a dynamic mold and a fixed mold. The movable mold is installed on the moving plate of the injection molding machine, and the fixed mold is installed on the fixed plate of the injection molding machine; when the injection mold is closed, the movable mold and the fixed mold are closed to form a pouring system and a cavity, and when the mold is separated, the plastic part or the beer The piece is left on the side of the movable mold, and then the plastic part is ejected by the demolding mechanism disposed in the movable mold.

The injection mold is a product obtained by filling a cavity with a molten material and cooling the mold release. What kind of performance should the injection mold have when selecting the plastic material: The durability of the injection mold is greatly related to the material used. In the production of these plastic parts, the performance factor of the plastic plays an important role. Therefore, the main consideration of such raw materials is select. It should mainly meet the requirements of plastic parts. Even the design of injection molds is subject to the inherent properties of raw materials. For example, the fluidity, molding shrinkage and service temperature of plastic melts must be considered when designing molds.

General principles for the selection of plastic raw materials

1 Learn more about the working environment of plastic parts. Any plastic part, it has its working environment, these environmental conditions are critical to the choice of plastic materials. It is necessary to find out how high and low the temperature of the plastic parts is, whether the work place is indoors or outdoors, what kind of force is required to work, what kind of medium is affected by the work, the voltage, frequency and temperature in the electrical environment, etc. . Then, according to the environmental conditions that the plastic parts may encounter, find the varieties of raw materials that meet the environmental conditions.

2 processing technology is good. Different types of raw materials, processing technology is very different, like the engineering plastics PA and PSF, in terms of processability, PA is much better than PSF.

3 low prices. If you meet the requirements for use, you should choose a low price. If the working environment is 150 °C, PSF can be used to meet the requirements, instead of using PPSU with better performance and higher price.