The plastics industry has been very agile in the past 20 years


The plastics industry has been very agile in the past 2 […]

The plastics industry has been very agile in the past 20 years. As early as seven years ago, the annual output of plastics exceeded the annual output of steel and non-ferrous metals by volume. The finished plastic products in the automobile, electromechanical, instrument, aerospace and other national pillars and people Daily life

It is widely used in various related categories. There are many plastic pallet mould ways to shape plastic products, but the most important method is injection molding. More than half of the world's plastic forming molds are injection molds.

Following the progress of the complex level and precision requirements of plastic products and the shortening of the production cycle, the traditional mold design method based on the experience can not meet the requirements of the market. In large-scale complex and small fine injection molds, China still needs to import from abroad.

Traditional injection molding simulation software is based on the finished intermediate layer mold. The user first abstracts the thin-walled plastic product into approximate planes and surfaces, which are called intermediate layers. A two-dimensional planar triangular mesh is generated on these intermediate layers, and these two-dimensional planar triangular meshes are applied for finite element accounting, and the final parsing results are displayed on the middle surface. The injection molding product molds mostly use three-dimensional solid molds, because the two models are different, the secondary modeling is not prevented. However, because the shape of the injection molding products is complex and varied, it is a difficult task to abstract the intermediate level from the three-dimensional entity. The extraction process is very cumbersome and time-consuming, so the designer has a fear of the simulation software, which has become the injection molding simulation software. Promote the bottleneck of use.