The early injection molding machine was mainly hydraulic


The early injection molding machine was mainly hydrauli […]

The early injection molding machine was mainly hydraulic, and it did not significantly contribute to the significance of energy saving and environmental protection. However, when it was replaced by a servo motor for injection molding, it not only improved the shortcomings of the hydraulic system of the fixed pump, but also its output flow. The size can be obtained by the precise speed increase and decrease control to achieve the purpose of precise pressure control, which can greatly reduce the power consumption of the output.

Therefore, a light stabilizer such as a UV absorber can be added to the color masterbatch of the plastic packaging tray to help improve the light resistance of the product. It must be known that the design of the structural parts is quite critical and will be directly related to the life of the injection mold, the processing cycle, the cost, and the quality of the product. In addition, the heat treatment hardness of the guide post and the guide sleeve must meet the design requirements. The guide post mainly plays a guiding role in the mold to ensure that the molding surfaces of the core and the cavity do not touch each other under any circumstances, and the guide post cannot be used as the force receiving member or the positioning member. Plastic molds are an indispensable tool in the plastics processing industry.

They can give plastic products a complete configuration and precise size. Therefore, in order to create a perfect angle, it is necessary to start with plastic molds. In this regard, it will involve the three-level positioning of the plastic mold, which is the positioning of the guide post, the positioning of the mold positioning block, and the precise positioning of the design of the tiger's mouth on the mold core. When designing a plastic mold, try to consider the lateral mold opening distance. Generally speaking, the distance of the lateral mechanical model is relatively small.