Reducing bubbles for automotive interior and exterior decoration injection molds


Automotive interior and exterior trim parts mainly incl […]

Automotive interior and exterior trim parts mainly include partitions, decorative panels, instrument panel assemblies, armrests, rearview mirrors, etc. This type of automotive trim parts are mainly formed by injection molding machines. Injection molding has high production speed and high efficiency, and the operation can be automated, Variety of colors, shapes can be from simple to complex, size can be from large to small, and the size of the product is accurate, the product is easy to update, can be the characteristics of complex shaped parts, suitable for mass production and complex shape products and other molding processing fields The focus of injection molding is on the corresponding injection mold. During the production process, it is often necessary to repair and replace the mold. During the disassembly and assembly process, add a ring on the side of the mold body, use the hook to hold the ring, and use a crane to perform Transfer, this transfer method has a poor fixing performance for the mold, the mold is easy to rotate and loose, if the hook comes off, it will damage the mold and even endanger personal safety.

Injection Mold for Automative interior & Exterior Parts

Molds, various molds and tools used in industrial production to obtain the desired products by injection molding, blow molding, extrusion, die casting or forging, smelting, stamping, etc. It mainly achieves the shape of the article by changing the physical state of the formed material In the processing of molds, mold shells are needed.

However, the existing mold shell will generate bubbles during the injection process, which will affect the mold injection. In addition, the mold shell will generate a lot of heat during injection, which is easy to cause accidental injury to the operator, and the mold shell cannot be injected. The temperature and humidity of the piece are detected. Therefore, there is an urgent need to design a mold manufacturing mold to reduce air bubbles to solve the above problems.

A mold shell capable of reducing air bubbles for mold manufacturing includes a mold shell body, and support legs are welded on both sides of the bottom of the mold shell body, and the number of support legs is four, and the support legs are far away from the mold shell body One end is welded with a bottom plate, and the bottom of the bottom plate is engraved with anti-skid lines. The inner wall of the mold shell body is welded with a heat insulation plate, and the outer wall of the heat insulation plate is provided with a water-absorbing layer on the side away from the mold body. The inside is filled with absorbent cotton, the outer wall of the water-absorbing layer is welded with a heat-resistant plate on the side away from the heat-insulating plate, and the bottom inner wall of the heat-resistant plate is provided with exhaust grooves equidistantly distributed, and the side of the mold shell body A cooling pipe is welded to the inner wall near the top, and the outer wall of one side of the cooling pipe has equidistantly distributed exhaust holes. Both sides of the top of the mold body are welded with fixed seats, and the top of the fixed seat is provided with a first A threaded hole, the inner wall of the first threaded hole is screwed with a fixing bolt, and both sides of the top of the fixing seat are connected with a cover plate through the fixing bolt, and the outer wall of the cover plate is provided with cooling holes equidistantly distributed, so A support frame is welded to a position near the bottom of one side outer wall of the mold shell body, and a vacuum machine is connected to the top of the support frame by bolts.