Plastic pallets are assembled in two ways


The finished product produced by this method is flat, s […]

The finished product produced by this method is flat, stiff, and has high dimensional accuracy, and the degree of freedom of product planning is large. However, due to the large size of plastic tray products, each piece has a mass of about 15 altars or higher, and needs to have a large injection volume and a large amount. Large injection molding machines with clamping force (more than 2500t) and large and complex molds can be constructed and produced with one-time investment. However, the injection molding method for producing plastic pallets has the advantages of less production processes, high production obedience, good product quality, and the advantages of large-volume, high-grade plastic pallets.

In order to eliminate the investment cost of dull and mold, the accidental people divided the injection tray into two upper and lower components, and respectively assembled them after injection molding to obtain the product. Accepting this method, plastic processing plants with the same large injection molding equipment are easier to construct and produce. Although the products are assembled and processed one step more, the total cost of the products is still lower than that of the group plastic trays. The literature believes that this type of production is probably one of the mainstream methods for plastic pallet production in the future.

Plastic pallets are assembled in two ways: bolt and nut abutment and hot plate welding. The so-called bolt and nut adjoining method, that is, the upper and lower two injection parts are connected to each other by bolts and nuts to form a plastic pallet. The production cost of this method is relatively low, but the problem of loosening and falling off at the adjacent point in the utilization process and the difficulty of accepting wastes are increased. Disadvantages, the law has more sequelae. The hot plate welding method uses a special hot plate to weld the upper and lower injection parts to obtain a plastic tray. When welding, it is necessary to set up a set of necessary work and fixtures to set a complete welding process, but with a product quality. Good strengths, and waste is easier to accept, is a more desirable method