It is reported that each new model of car requires thousands of molds


It is reported that each new model of car requires thou […]

It is reported that each new model of car requires thousands of molds, worth hundreds of millions of yuan. For example, Volkswagen Passat's full body dies are worth more than 250 million yuan. In recent years, the auto industry has experienced faster changeovers, making automotive molds a huge potential market. In the mold industry, automotive molds are the areas with the widest driving range and the fastest development in the industry. At present, China's leading automotive mold enterprises have been able to produce high-end C-class car cover moulds and a full set of die, instrument panel and bumper plastic molds, which provides a strong technical support for the replacement of China's vehicle models.

Among them, the outer cover mould shoulder shoulders the mission of realizing the rapid update of the model, and it is also the concentrated expression of the core technology of the automobile mold, which involves the application of key technologies such as springback analysis and control, appearance quality control and die gap design. At the exhibition, FAW Mould Co., Ltd. displayed the high-end car outer cover products and molds, and the sharp edge forming technology of the mold is a highlight. According to reports, the die gap, processing, quenching and debugging of sharp edge forming technology are still in the exploration stage. At present, this type of mold has been successfully mass-produced by FAW Mould Co., Ltd., and its quality has reached the international leading level, marking that China's mold technology and precision have begun to march toward the international high-end ranks.

In order to reduce weight, it has become a trend to replace metal with plastic and replace steel with light metal. At the same time, the application of light metals such as aluminum alloys in automobiles will increase, and the mold technology and process suitable for this will also be developed. Automobile lightweight new material forming mold and multi-station progressive die; magnesium alloy die-casting mold for car door inner panel; aluminum alloy die-casting mold for door outer panel; C-class car forearm, rear arm, knuckle and other structural parts extrusion casting mold It is the guarantee to promote the lightweight of automobiles. At the exhibition, the “large-scale composite tailgate mold” developed by Kunshan Yinbaoshan New Technology Co., Ltd. attracted attention. It replaced the metal tailgate inner plate with the hot-pressed SMC automobile tailgate inner plate to realize the automobile light with plastic-made steel. Quantify. In addition, Ningbo Far East Mould Co., Ltd. displayed the “Automobile Wheel Cover Injection Mold”. The mold is used to produce thin-walled automotive wheel cover products. The wall thickness of the product is only 1.0mm, which can greatly improve the light weight level compared with the traditional wall thickness (1.6-1.8mm).