Injection Molding Used In Automotive Applications


Behind rapid development of automotive industry is deve […]

Behind rapid development of automotive industry is development of automotive mold making industry. Especially in recent years, development of world automotive mold making industry is changing with each passing day, and demand for molds in the automotive industry is also growing.

Injection Molding is a standard method for manufacturing plastic products and is used to make a variety of parts in automotive, medical, consumer and industrial applications.

In the manufacturing process of a car, about 500 automotive plastic moulding are needed, including auto door mould, automotive bumper molding, auto lamp mould, glove box molds, central passage molds, positive and negative instrument panel molds, and other large auto parts mould, as well as precision auto parts mould such as various types of connectors for water tanks.

It can be said that automotive plastic moulding has the largest proportion in the automobile mold making, and its importance is self-evident.