In recent years the modern plastic injection molding process


In recent years, the modern plastic injection molding p […]

In recent years, the modern plastic injection molding process has been inseparable from sensors, and both the injection molding machine and the mold required for injection molding require sensors. These electronic “perceived organs” undertake the process monitoring and quality inspection tasks of various cavities in modern production. With the development of digitalization and networking, sensor technology is preparing to expand its application range in the next stage, making it the main promoter of the development of Industry 4.0.

Integrating sensor-acquired data in a virtual environment not only monitors and optimizes each injection molding cycle, but also monitors and optimizes the entire process. Cavity pressure monitoring needs to set the parts to be tested automatically or manually, and then observe whether the curve output by the sensor passes the part to be tested according to the predetermined method, and then according to the result, “normal” or “abnormal” can be used to classify the parts according to the quality. . In addition, users can predict the exact quality characteristics based on the model and make a reliable assessment of each finished part based on online quality prediction.

By using a sensor in an injection mold, not only the cavity pressure can be measured, but also the temperature and flow rate of the temperature controller during feed and reflow. Martin Schramm from Burkert Fluid Control Systems, Inc. states: "The better the temperature control process, the higher the quality of the product." Sensors play an important role in the use of injection molding tools in Industry 4.0. A control system consisting of sensors optimizes the regulator and valve network by integrating I/O links. Ulrich Bretthauer from RJG, Germany, stressed the importance of sensors for the quality of the final product. He pointed out: "Once the plastic leaves the nozzle of the injection molding machine, the processing staff becomes helpless, subject to the physical laws of the cavity and the material to be treated. The viscosity change. If the cavity pressure technology can be successfully used, it will be able to stabilize the injection molding process and ultimately reduce the cost and enhance the company's competitiveness." However, to achieve this, just rely on installing sensors somewhere, watch beautiful The curve is not enough.