How to know the structure and composition of injection molds


Molded parts of injection molds. It is mainly to give t […]

Molded parts of injection molds. It is mainly to give the parts of the molding material structure, size and shape, which are generally composed of concave and convex molds, that is, cavity and core, as well as thread core and inserts.

Guiding parts of injection molds. The setting of the guide part is mainly to ensure that the fixed mold and the movable mold can be accurately aligned when they are closed. The guide part is composed of a guide sleeve and a guide post. Some molds are also provided with guides on the ejector plate. Parts, the purpose of this is to ensure that the ejection mechanism can move smoothly and reliably.
Demoulding mechanism of injection mould. The demoulding mechanism is a device that can realize the demolding of the runner system and the plastic parts. It has many structural forms. The most common ones are ejector pipes, top plates, ejector pins, pneumatic ejection and rotary demoulding, etc. They are generally composed of reset rod, ejector rod, slingshot ejector rod fixing plate, top plate guide post/guide sleeve and top plate (top ring).
Core-pulling mechanism of injection mold. The core pulling mechanism is to ensure that the plastic parts with undercuts or side holes can be demolded smoothly when they are ejected, because these plastic parts must be side-parted before they are ejected And lateral core pulling, lateral parting is also called split slider.
The pouring system of the injection mold. The gating system is generally composed of a runner, a main runner, a cold material well and a gate. It is a channel through which the melted plastic is guided from the nozzle of the injection machine to the closed cavity.
Mold temperature adjustment system for injection molds. The mold temperature adjustment system is a device that adjusts the mold temperature. Our common hot water, cooling water, cold air, steam, hot oil, and electric heating systems are all mold temperature adjustment systems. The mold temperature adjustment system is mainly for injection molding. Process requirements on mold temperature.

Exhaust system of injection mold. The exhaust system is generally an exhaust groove located at the parting surface of the mold. It can smoothly exhaust the gas in the mold cavity. Many mold push rods or other movable parts, such as sliders, are actually the gap between them. It may act as an exhaust.

Other structural parts of injection molds. There are also some parts, such as fixed plates, fixed/moving templates, support plates, support heads, and connecting screws, etc., which are all parts set to meet the requirements of the mold structure. We will classify them as other structural parts.