Four steps of injection mold maintenance


Four steps of injection mold maintenance The use of any […]

Four steps of injection mold maintenance

The use of any item requires maintenance to extend its useful life. This article describes the maintenance procedures for the injection mold as follows.
Responsible for enterprises to first understand the basic situation of the mold, such as the first should be equipped with a history card for each mold, detailed records, statistics of its use, care (lubrication, cleaning, rust) and damage, Pipe fitting mould according to which can be found which components, components have Damage, the degree of wear, to provide information to find and solve the problem, as well as the molding process parameters of the mold, the materials used in the product, in order to shorten the commissioning time of the mold and improve production efficiency.

The processing enterprise should test the various properties of the mold under the normal operation conditions of the injection molding machine and the mold, and measure the final molded part size. Through this information, the current state of the Commodity mould mold can be determined, and the cavity, core, and cooling can be found out. The damage of the system and the parting surface, etc., according to the information provided by the plastic parts, can determine the damage status of the mold and maintenance measures.

It is necessary to carry out key tracking and inspection on several important parts of the mold: the role of ejection and guide components is to ensure mold opening and closing movements and ejection of plastic parts. If any part of the mold gets stuck due to damage, it will result in production suspension, so it should always be maintained. The lubrication of the mold thimble and the guide column (to select the most suitable lubricant), and regularly check the thimble, guide column, etc. whether the deformation and surface damage, once discovered, should be promptly replaced; After completing a production cycle, the mold work surface The professional anti-rust oil is used for coating, sports, and guide parts.