Compared with other molds injection molds are more complex and precise


Compared with other molds, injection molds are more com […]

Compared with other molds, injection molds are more complex and precise in structure, and have higher requirements for operating and maintaining products. Therefore, in the entire production process, the use of positive solutions and meticulous maintenance, maintenance are necessary to maintain the normal production of the enterprise and improve the enterprise. Benefits are of great significance.

Select appropriate molding equipment and determine reasonable process conditions. If the injection molding machine is too small, it cannot meet the requirements. Too large is a waste of energy. It will also damage the mold or template due to inappropriate adjustment of the clamping force. reduce.

When selecting an injection machine, it should be performed according to the maximum injection volume, the effective distance of the tie rod, the mold installation size on the template, the maximum mold thickness, the minimum mold thickness, the mold stroke, the ejection method, the ejection stroke, the injection pressure, and the clamping force Check and use it only after meeting the requirements. Reasonable determination of process conditions is also one of the contents of the correct use of the mold, too much clamping force, too high injection pressure, too fast injection rate, too high mold temperature, etc. will damage the service life of the mold.

After the mold is installed in the injection machine, the empty mold operation is performed first. Observe whether the operation of each part is flexible, whether there is any abnormal phenomenon, ejection stroke, whether the opening stroke is in place, whether the parting surface is tightly matched when the mold is closed, and whether the screw of the pressure plate is tightened.
When using the mold, keep the normal temperature and work at normal temperature to extend the service life of the mold.