A large part of the exterior parts of household appliances are obtained by injection molding


Nowadays, a large part of the exterior parts of househo […]

Nowadays, a large part of the exterior parts of household appliances are obtained by injection molding. In the injection molding process, defects such as weld lines, gas marks, and deformation are prone to occur; high-gloss non-marking molds can solve the above defects. Let's take a look at the eleven elements of high-gloss seamless injection mold design.

1. Higher temperature molding requires higher temperature (generally 80 °C-130 °C). After the injection molding is transferred to the pressure holding, the cooling water is used to reduce the mold temperature to 60-70 °C. Pressure-preserving molding at higher mold temperatures is beneficial to eliminate defects such as weld lines, flow marks, and internal stress in the product. Therefore, the mold needs to be heated during operation. In order to prevent heat loss, a heat insulating plate is usually added on the fixed mold side.

2, the surface of the cavity is extremely bright (generally mirror level 2 or higher). The product produced by the high-gloss mold can be directly used for installation (assembly) without any surface treatment. Therefore, it has high requirements for mold steel and plastic materials.

3. More hot nozzles of the hot runner system Each hot nozzle must have a sealing needle and an independent air passage. It can be individually controlled by a solenoid valve and a time relay to achieve time-division glue, thereby achieving control or even eliminating welding. The purpose of the trace is complicated.

4, heating method The mold heating method is usually water vapor (hot water) heating and electric heating rod (tube) heating. The steam (hot water) heating method is to input steam (hot water) to the mold during the injection molding process through a specific temperature control machine, so that the mold is rapidly heated; after the injection molding, the mold is cooled by cold water to rapidly cool the mold. The electric heating method and the water heating temperature control machine are the same in principle, that is, the heat source is different, the electric heating is the secondary energy, and the water heating is the third energy. According to the principle, the electric heating energy loss is small, the utilization rate is high, Energy saving benefits are good. Easy to use, so say: If it is a flat (face) product or electric heating method is affordable.