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Several suggestions for injection mold installation

Release time: 2021-03-15

Source: Taizhou Pubo Plastic Mould Co., Ltd.

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Several suggestions for injection mold installation
The preparation of the injection mold needs to be completed before installation in order to produce a high-quality mold. Let us introduce some suggestions for injection mold installation.
injection mold
1. Confirm the cooling water circuit, and screw the screw into the main board to a depth of 1.5-1.8 times the screw diameter. If the screws are insufficient, the teeth will slip easily and the mold may fall off. Confirm whether the operators, materials, tools, documents, auxiliary equipment, etc. required for production are complete.

2. Method of hanging mold: When the hanging mold is not level, the cavity before and after installing the mold will have different steps. In order to produce precision products, there will be problems of poor concentricity, step difference, tooth profile accuracy and distance difference. When installing the mold, pay attention to this problem. When the hanging mold enters and closes until the hand can push to a small position, please stop the mold clamping. Loosen and tighten the lifting ring. The last mold is the reference (because the front mold is fixed by the positioning ring). Observe the rear mold part. When the current mold level is in a stable state, the cavity position is always the same. Continue to close the mold until it is completed, but do not start High pressure is good.
(The upper mold is closed at one time without applying high pressure. After confirming that the mold can be closed correctly, high pressure can be applied).

3. Tightening method: For low-temperature molds (ie mold temperatures below 50 degrees), when the mold is closed to the high-pressure start, the front and rear molds can be tightened diagonally. Only 8 screws are needed. When the mold temperature is higher than 50 degrees, do not tighten the screws before reaching the mold temperature. After the mold temperature reaches the high pressure, tighten the screws diagonally. The mold material will expand and increase in volume as the temperature rises. It is more obvious when the mold temperature is high. If the screws are tightened before the temperature rises, it will have an impact on the mold life and mold accuracy.

4. The use of auxiliary materials: when the thickness of the mold is not enough, install the template. When the mold temperature is high, install a heat insulation board between the machine plate and the mold. Whether it is a template or an insulating board, its flatness should be as small as possible. If the flatness is large, the front mold and the back mold of the mold are not parallel, and there will be a difference after the high pressure is turned off, which will affect the product quality. When the mold temperature reaches the set value, please check the actual temperature of the mold and adjust the mold thickness.

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