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The future development trend of mold

Release time: 2021-02-07

Source: Taizhou Pubo Plastic Mould Co., Ltd.

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The future development trend of mold
Next, Pobo will introduce you to the development trend of mold in the future.

1. Molds are becoming larger and larger. This is caused by the development of "one mold with multiple cavities" due to the increasing size of mold parts and high production efficiency requirements.

2. The precision of the mold is getting higher and higher. Ten years ago, the precision of precision molds was generally 5 microns, and now it has reached 2 to 3 microns, and molds with a precision of 1 micron will be on the market soon. This requires super finishing.

3.The multi-functional composite mold will be further developed. In addition to stamping and forming parts, the new multi-functional composite mold also undertakes assembly tasks such as lamination, tapping, riveting and locking, and the performance requirements of steel are also increasing.

4.The proportion of hot runner molds in plastic molds is gradually increasing. Because molds using hot runner technology can improve the productivity and quality of parts, and can greatly save raw materials, the application of hot runner technology has developed rapidly in foreign countries. More than half of the plastic molds produced by many plastic mold factories use heat flow Dao technology, some manufacturers use more than 80%, the effect is very obvious. Hot runner molds have also been produced in my country, and the utilization rate of some enterprises has risen to 20%~30%.
development trend of mold
5. With the continuous improvement and development of plastic molding technology, gas-assisted molds and molds suitable for high-pressure injection molding processes will develop accordingly. This type of mold requires good rigidity and high pressure resistance, especially the precision mold cavity should be quenched, the gate sealing is good, and the mold temperature can be accurately controlled, so the performance requirements of the mold steel are very strict.

6.The application of standard parts will become increasingly widespread. The application of mold standardization and mold standard parts will greatly affect the mold manufacturing cycle, and can also improve the quality of the mold and reduce the cost of mold manufacturing. Therefore, the application of mold standard parts will surely get greater development during the "Tenth Five-Year Plan" period.

7.The prospect of rapid economic mold is very broad. Now is the era of multi-variety and small-batch production. In the 21st century, this mode of production will account for more than 75% of industrial production. Therefore, on the one hand, the product life cycle is shortened, and on the other hand, the pattern changes frequently. The shorter the mold production cycle, the better. Therefore, the development of rapid economic molds will attract more and more attention.

8. With the development of lightweight products such as vehicles and motors, the proportion of die-casting molds will continue to increase. At the same time, higher and higher requirements for the life and complexity of die-casting molds will be put forward.

9. The process of replacing steel with plastic and wood with plastic is further accelerated, and the proportion of plastic molds will continue to increase. At the same time, due to the continuous improvement of the complexity and precision of mechanical parts, the requirements for plastic molds are getting higher and higher.

10. Mold technology content will continue to increase, and the proportion of medium and high-end molds will continue to increase. This is also a change in the mold market trend caused by product structure adjustment.

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