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Features of 5 gallon preform

Release time: 2021-02-23

Source: Taizhou Pubo Plastic Mould Co., Ltd.

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Features of 5 gallon preform
The 5 gallon preform is also called the thick-walled preform mold, which is mainly designed for the buckets of water dispensers and chillers. Nowadays, the 5 gallon PET bucket has the advantages of low cost, rich colors and no chemicals. PET buckets are more and more used than PC buckets. Our balanced hot runner specially designed for thick-walled tube blank molds ensures that welding lines are reduced during the injection molding process. The threaded plate slides by the camshaft system, and the operator reduces maintenance time. If the post cooling system is added, the cycle time will be reduced a lot.
5 gallon preform
Next, we will introduce the product features of 5 gallon preform: short injection cycle, high efficiency, long life, and low cost.

1. Adopt international advanced level special runner design;
2. Mold cooling adopts circulating water to effectively improve the efficiency of product ejection;
3. Mould fasteners adopt high-strength bolts of grade 12.9;
4. The slider adopts a special rod structure, and the production efficiency of the product can be increased by 50%;
5. The mold body is made of imported S136 high-quality mold steel, and the steel hardness is HRC45-HRC48;
6. Mid-term modulation treatment, after tempering and nitriding treatment, the tool parts have good comprehensive mechanical properties, large rigidity, small deformation, later internal and external chromium plating treatment, mirror polishing flatness, and high surface hardness (greater than HV850 ) And wear resistance, no deformation, greatly increase the life of the mold (at least more than 1 million molds);
7. Main processing equipment: CNC milling processing center, precision carving processing center, deep hole drilling processing center, lathe processing center;
8. The product is suitable for injection molding, blow molding, bottle blowing, and production of various plastic products. Impact resistance, wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and low temperature resistance;
9. Mold specifications: customized according to customer requirements of products, appearance dimensions and specifications;
10. Our service: provide quotations and mold design plans on the phone or online, conduct technical exchanges, send mold design drawings, and regularly feedback mold production progress.

Taizhou Pubo provides high-quality 5 gallon preforms for sale and reference. To learn more about the characteristics of the 5 gallon preform, please continue to pay attention to the Taizhou Pubo website.

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